Pro-Trayvon Martin Protester: ‘It’s Not Enough to Not Be a Bigot,’ You Need to Be ‘Checking Your [White] Privilege Every Single Day’

If you are white, not only should you feel guilty about any acts of racism committed by others, you should be “checking your [white] privilege every single day” — at least according to one protester who spoke at a pro-Trayvon Martin rally in Portland, Ore., on Sunday.

“I want to say something to you white people. It is not enough to feel bad, it’s not enough to not be a bigot,” she said. “Because if you are not actively dismantling white supremacy and checking your privilege every single day and thinking about racism the way that our young black men in our community have to think about it, you are not doing it right.”


She went on to urge her audience to give money to “anti-racist, youth-led movements.”

“It’s up to us to give a s**t about it,” the woman said. “Racism is a national disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings are.”

Watch below [content warning]:

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