Look Who’s Getting Married…Again (And Why Is the Couple Asking Guests to Not Bring Gifts?)

George Soros, 82, and Tamiko Bolton, 41. (Getty Images)

It’s gossip time.

Billionaire philanthropist and Democrat bankroller George Soros is gearing up for his third marriage — and the wedding plans are about as “unique” as you’d expect from the man who “broke the bank of England.”

“Soros, 82, and [Tamiko] Bolton, 41, have had 1,000 invitations printed for their upcoming bash,” Confidenti@l reports.

Although the infamous currency speculator is sparing no expense on the wedding, the report adds, he and his fiancé plan to go about it in a “targeted” way.

“Bolton is only using local vendors in and around New York City, where the wedding will be held.

“All the food will be farm-to-table and the flowers will be in-season flowers. They will not be shipped in from elsewhere,” the report adds.

Okay, that actually sounds pretty normal. What else?

One source said the wedding will be “extremely” color-coordinated (as opposed to only “sorta’” color-coordinated?). The source added that the couple had professional models showcase different clothing options for them.


“It was a full-on runway show for the planner to decide on outfits for the staff to wear,” the report continues.

Although roughly 1,000 invitations were printed, sources familiar with the wedding say only “several hundred” are expected to will attend.

“The wedding will be attended by friends, family and colleagues from around the world, including George’s five children and the bride’s entire family,” the report claims. “They will all come to New York and then other events, like the reception and a brunch, will be held at different locations around the city.”

But here’s something different: Guests have been told to leave the wedding gifts at home.

Instead, they have been asked to donate to one of four organizations selected by the couple, including the National Dance Institute, the Harlem Children’s Zone, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, and Global Witness.


“This will be Soros’s third marriage and the second for Bolton, who was married briefly before,” the Daily Mail notes.

“Soros has five children from his marriages to Annaliese Witschak, whom he split with in 1983, and Susan Weber Soros, who he divorced in 2005,” it adds.

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