Shock: ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Spray Painted on Side of Penn. Business Before It’s Set on Fire

Firefighters responding to a call in Chester County, Pennsylvania were alarmed to find the words “Kill Zimmerman” spray painted on the burning building they were tackling, local ABC affiliate WPVI-TV reports.

Sources told The Daily Local that responders also found the words “Kill Whites” written on another part of the building.

(Photo: Nozlze Nut Photography via WPVI)

Firefighters arrived at ProSigns, a company that makes commercial signs for businesses, around 11:20 p.m. on Sunday night.  They quickly took care of the fire and managed to put it out before anyone was hurt.

“Considering the graffiti, investigators immediately suspected the blaze was intentionally set,”  WPVI-TV writes.  “On Monday, the fire was ruled an arson, fueled by an unknown accelerant.”

The business owner has no idea why ProSigns would have been targeted, but investigators put the damage at around $500,000.

Part of that comes from an “antique Studebaker vehicle was set ablaze inside the building,” a friend of the business’ owner told the Daily Local.

Officials have yet to divulge many details, but say the investigation is ongoing.

WPVI-TV has more on the story:

A Florida jury cleared George Zimmerman of all charges on Saturday in the shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year, unleashing a firestorm of controversy in what was already a highly politicized case.

Protests are planned across the country, and there have been reports of both violence and threats of violence in relation to the case.