Summer’s Here! And So Are the Hilariously Awful Sunburn Photos

In addition to various health and skin care motivations, Ellen DeGeneres reminded viewers recently why it’s best not to drift into a semi-aware state while basking in the sun’s rays: you can get some wild tan lines.

Viewers sent in their photos showing everything from the intricate patterns their swimsuits left behind to the outline of a spoon left on someone’s lap (she said she had fallen asleep eating a bowl of ice cream).

There were also a few instances of terribly-applied sunscreen.

Check out some of the most unfortunate sunburn photos, below:

(Photo: Evan A. from Lubbock , TX via Ellen DeGeneres)
(Photo: Caroline P. from Gloucester, VA via Ellen DeGeneres)
(Photo: Summer E. from Orangevale, CA via Ellen DeGeneres)
(Photo: Sandy P. from Shabbona, IL via Ellen DeGeneres)

Check out the entire slideshow at Ellen Degeneres’ website, and remember to cover up this summer!