The Reason This Woman Was Not Rescued After Being Trapped in a Wall Is Scary — Literally

Taking the shortcut isn’t always the quickest way to reach a destination. Disagree? Then consider the bizarre story of a woman who got stuck between two walls in east China’s Anhui Province while trying to take a faster route home.

The unnamed woman was apparently trying to take a shortcut when she became wedged between the walls. Naturally, she cried out for help, but the individuals in the accompanying home were purportedly scared.

Why, you ask? Well, rather than an individual in distress, they assumed that the being screaming from within the walls was a ghost, CNN reports:

So, the woman was left between the walls for seven hours before someone finally realized what was going on and took action.

It took fire fighters 20 minutes to get the woman out of the narrow area, as they had to chisel away part of the wall to free her. You can see more of the rescue taking place, below:

Featured Photo Credit: CNN