6-Year-Old Pulls Knife on Playmate and Steals His iPod in Bizarre Playground Incident

An iPod was the center of a bizarre and troubling news story coming out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Police claim that a 6-year-old pulled a knife on another 6-year-old and subsequently stole his playmate’s portable media player. Adding to the horrific details, the incident took place on a playground.

The situation apparently unfolded as a group of children were playing on July 9. One of those kids, clearly wanting the other child’s iPod, pulled out a Swiss Army knife and asked to have the music player, WPXI-TV reports.

Naturally, the kid complied, as he feared the knife. But when he went home, the victim later told his parents about what unfolded.

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While he was not hurt during the exchange, the parents called the police to report the incident. Authorities won’t be filing charges, but they are working with the two families to solve the matter.

“If that young man would have refused, we don’t know if that 6-year-old would have threatened him or cut him to get the iPod from him,” Lt. Shirley Sloan told WPXI.

The boy has apparently been disciplined by his mother.

Photo Credit: ShutterStock.com


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