Alleged Islamists Caught on Video Beating Child on the Street: ‘You Are With Morsi, Boy?’

Video has gone viral in Egypt of alleged Islamists delivering a shocking beating to a young boy at a protest, shoving the child around among them and asking questions like, “You are with Morsi, boy?”

According to Al Arabiya the altercation took place in Cairo’s Ramses Square on Monday, where thousands of Islamists went after breaking their Ramadan fast on Monday to protest.  The men are described as supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, though that has not been verified.

As the conflict escalates and multiple people begin laying rough hands on the clearly terrified boy – who seems to be shouting for help – someone tries to intervene.

(Photo via Al Arabiya)

“I know he’s hired but he’s just a child!” the man says in Arabic.  “This isn’t merciful.”

People are sometimes hired to attend protests one way or the other, and presumably that’s what the men were referring to.

But then the angry group turns on the individual who objected, and a violent struggle begins over the boy.  At one point, there are actually people holding on to both of his arms, each pulling him in the opposite direction like a tug-of-war rope.

That all ends when one of the men in the group seemingly hits the boy on the back of the head and the child runs out of the frame of the video, possibly pursued by some of the group.

The video then pans to the rest of the crowd, none of whom appeared bothered by the incident.

Watch the complete clip, below:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

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