Bill Maher Gets Booed — Twice — After Making Contentious Zimmerman Quips During ‘Late Show’ Appearance

Comedian Bill Maher drew boos last night from David Letterman’s “Late Show” audience after making two George Zimmerman jokes — quips that didn’t go over too well.

After sitting down with the late-night host, Maher wasted no time making a wisecrack about minorities in Florida. The joke, which was intended to poke at the handling of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death, fell flat.

Photo Credit: CBS/”Late Show”

It unfolded after Letterman noted that Maher is a partial owner of the New York Mets. The comedian responded, “Better than being a minority in Florida.”

To this, the audience loudly booed and Maher found himself asking, “Why are they booing?”

Watch it unfold, below:

And he wasn’t done there, as he had yet another Zimmerman quip in the pipeline.

While its not shown in the CBS clip, Maher also said, according to Mediaite’s account, “You know they want to give George Zimmerman a gun now. The Florida state law is that he can get his gun back. I say, if he gets a gun, Casey Anthony gets a baby.”

Again, boos.

That was apparently the end of the Zimmerman references.

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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