Dana Loesch & Young Conservatives Highlight Importance of Youth Vote to the Future of the GOP

What is the key to winning the youth vote?

Radio host Dana Loesch spoke with a number of young conservatives on the issue while filling in on the Glenn Beck Program Wednesday, pointing out that winning a greater percentage of the demographic could have made the difference “between a President Obama and a President Romney.”

“We need that energy, and the best place to get it is our youth,” she said.  “A youthful party is a strong party, and more importantly, a youthful party has a future.”

Dana Loesch, pictured with Michelle Fields of Next Generation TV, speaks with young conservatives on TheBlaze TV Wednesday July 17, 2013.

24-year old State Representative Michael Caldwell (R-Ga.), Amy Lutz of The College Conservative, Michelle Fields of Next Generation TV, and Brandon Morse of Misfit Politics all weighed in, tackling issues from trust to marketing to social media.

“We’ve got to be the party of risk takers,” Caldwell asserted. “We preach that we’re the party of entrepreneurship and free markets…yet somehow…we’re afraid to jump into new social media techniques. We’re afraid to jump in and talk to these college students who have historically voted Democrat…We’ve got to start taking calculated risks, or we’re never going to get out there.”

A frequent topic of conversation was how the GOP isn’t “giving people anything to get excited about.”

As one example, they pointed out that Democrat Party has supported a number of candidates who generate enthusiasm and excitement on a personal level.  People get excited about the candidates.  On the right, they said, people seem to be expected to support “the party,” regardless of the caliber of the candidates.

Fields further added that while the right has “the best ideas,” it sometimes fails to articulate them properly. Though issues like the debt are important, she pointed out that candidates who have won in the past tend to have more optimistic marketing.

“Hope and change” and “morning in America” are more inviting to the young than constant warnings of $17 trillion in debt, she said.

Loesch asserted that the GOP needs to expand from conventional forms of marketing — 30-second attack ads on cable television, for instance — and start aggressively targeting the demographic the same way a business would target potential customers.

“We have to look at it like we’re marketing a product,” she said.  “That’s what we’re doing.”

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