Keith Olbermann Rehired by Old Employer…But Banned From Talking About This Topic

Keith Olbermann is returning to his old stomping grounds at ESPN, The New York Times reported Tuesday.

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The network is expected to announce the rehiring of the bombastic host Wednesday, 16 years after a contentious split.

Olbermann will host a one-hour nightly show for ESPN 2, according to the Times. There is, however, a stipulation: while Olbermann will be allowed to discuss subjects other than sports, the two-year contract reportedly forbids the former MSNBC host from talking politics.

According to the Times, there was some concern within ESPN about Olbermann returning, because of a fear he had become “too politicized” as a result of his MSNBC show. Olbermann exited MSNBC in 2011, then took up with Al Gore’s former Current TV network before getting dumped there in 2012.

Rumors about Olbermann going back to ESPN have swirled in recent weeks, most recently Friday when he was said to be in “very fluid” talks with the network.