Men Seen Harassing Korean Woman in Graphic Video Allegedly Come Forward — Claim It Was All ‘Fake’ for a Horror Movie

The graphic, slightly more than a minute-long video showing two Western expats verbally and physically harassing a Korean woman in a club has gone viral. But now the two men in the video have supposedly come forward, claiming they are actors and it was all a set-up for scenes of a horror film.

The video shows a woman, appearing inebriated, on a couch in a club while two men are filmed making suggestive comments about her body, touching her and criticizing the state of her teeth. The woman eventually seems to gain more awareness of what is going on, angrily tries to defend herself and ultimately removes herself from the situation.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here’s the video in case you missed TheBlaze’s original coverage of the story Tuesday (Content warning: disturbing footage and strong language):

The video has made its rounds on some Korean websites, and Monday the Washington Post’s Max Fisher wrote about it, noting the heated discussion that has surrounded it involving a history of disrespectful expats and even some criticism on other blogs of the woman herself:

According to T.K. Park, a D.C.-based Korean American who knows both countries well and runs the blog Ask a Korean, many of the Web commenters seem to blame her for what happened. Some argue she deserved it for hanging around Western men. “She went crazy over white guys, lived at a club, and ran into trouble,” one commenter surmised. Another wrote, “After that, I think she’s going to go clubbing to meet white guys again.” After being abused in person by two Western men, she’s now enduring online abuse by a number of her fellow countrymen.

Since Fisher’s post, the video has garnered even more attention.

Now, the Korean Herald claims the men in the video have come forward, separately speaking with the news outlet under the condition of anonymity, and claiming the footage was part of a series of horror films meant to show society’s reaction to physical deformities. In the case of this video, the deformity would be the woman’s teeth.

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

Here’s more from the Korean Herald on the potential new development in the story:

One of the alleged actors, both of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, provided a screenshot from a Facebook conversation showing the alleged director admitting that the video was staged. The apparent director of the video studied film at a university in Seoul, according to his Facebook account and a university webpage from 2004.

In the conversation, the apparent director said that he uploaded the video three years ago, but it had since been taken down and he was unsure of how it resurfaced.

“I can see the video is reedited and cut many scenes. I’m in (sic) page with you in announcing that the video was fake,” he wrote.

The Herald did not include the Facebook screenshot it mentions above to corroborate its source’s claims.

The Herald also reported one of the men suggested it contact the woman (it’s unclear if the news outlet was provided with contact information at the time) to verify the story.

Some on the Washington Post’s original article are not buying this latest story. One commenter going by John-C wrote that he finds the scene “an incredibly ineffective way” of showing the “horror” of physical deformities.

“Besides, the guys in the clip were treating the woman poorly even before they discovered she had bad teeth,” John-C continued.

Fisher on Twitter wrote that he spoke with someone who claimed the video was staged, but had not received any evidence:

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