Prominent Black Feminist Author Compares George Zimmerman to Che Guevara’s Killer

African American feminist author Alice Walker this week compared George Zimmerman to the killer of Che Guevara, which has one group baffled considering “Che’s racism towards blacks.”

Walker posted her thoughts in the “Comment is Free” section of the British newspaper The Guardian where she excerpted a letter she wrote to a friend. Though she admits that she watched none of the trial, Walker professes strong opinions about its outcome, even suggesting Zimmerman “got away with” murder.  She writes:

Just heard the Zimmerman verdict. It makes me think of the man given the “pleasure” of assassinating Che Guevara. He was young, and it was his birthday. He was strutting and proud to be offered this “work”, as Che stood bleeding, weakened and alone, before him.

Fast forward to recently, when the assassin became old and ill and needed surgery – and Cuban doctors (who loved Che Guevara) did their best to heal him.

The ache of realization, of what he has done, when it comes for Zimmerman, will be all the punishment he will ever deserve. I remember now, with understanding, that our parents used to say, about things they regretted they had done and that they got away with: “I’d rather take a whipping …”

Zimmerman will wish many times in his life that they had given him 100 years.

On her personal blog, Walker explains that The Guardian edited out some of her wording which originally included the line [emphasis added], “Contemplating Zimmerman’s exoneration for the obvious murder of Trayvon Martin.”  On her own website, she writes that “criminals…daily get away with murder.”

Writer and pro-Palestinian activist Alice Walker (Photo: Getty Images)

Walker writes on her blog that The Guardian editor “informed me they cannot publish the word ‘murder’ only ‘killing’ or ‘shooting death.’  Thus protecting murderers — those terrorizing us all over the world – from even being adequately described.”

She describes how in her “women’s circles we discuss the four percent of the population that has no conscience and whether it is naive to think Zimmerman will ever suffer as I imagine he might.  Such an ancient notion, really, suffering, repentance, considering how the criminals we see and recognize daily get away with murder and never have a moment, apparently, of remorse.”

Walker posits that “if we are dealing with descendants of the Chitauri (See Credo Mutwa’s informative teaching on the subject of cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans) then we can expect more of what we are experiencing.”

To arrive at the suggestion that Zimmerman could potentially be grouped with the “cold blooded reptilian ancestry of some humans,” Walker points to Credo Mutwa, a South African shaman who claimed to be abducted by “reptile-like” alien creatures when he was looking for herbs in Zimbabwe.

Walker is a prominent pro-Palestinian activist who most recently raised controversy with her latest book which the Anti-Defamation League characterizes as an anti-Semitic “screed against Jews.”

The group says that Walker, a dedicated opponent of Israel, “has taken her extreme and hostile views to a shocking new level.”

The ADL wrote last month, “Walker’s ‘The Cushion in the Road’ (The New Press, 2013) devotes 80 pages to a screed on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict replete with fervently anti-Jewish ideas and peppered with explicit comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.”

“Walker’s book also attempts to justify terrorism against Israeli civilians, claiming that the ‘oppressed’ Palestinians should not be blamed for carrying out suicide bombings,” it writes.

CiF Watch, a website that monitors anti-Israel reporting in The Guardian and on its blog Comment is Free writes of Walker’s comparison between the Trayvon Martin and Che Guevara experiences:

“Guevara of course was the late Argentine Marxist who rose to the role of Fidel Castro’s chief executioner. Under his own gun dozens of Cubans found guilty of counter-revolutionary activity were killed, while under his direct orders over a thousand crumpled to deaths in front of firing squads,” CiF Watch writes.

“Walker’s decision to evoke Guevara in the context of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death is especially audacious in light of Che’s racism towards blacks,” the group notes, “per his own diary which included the following entry written upon returning from Africa.”

CiF Watch provides this quote from Guevara’s diary: “The negro is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.”

“Whether espousing explicit antisemitism, defending Palestinian suicide bombers and paying tribute to radical chic ‘anti-imperialist’ mass murderers, Walker is about the last person who should be taken seriously on the issues of race and bigotry,” CiF Watch concludes.