Defensive end for the NFL’s Houston Texans J.J. Watt weighs in at nearly 290 pounds and is showing his lighter professional comrades who play ball on a court instead of a field that football players too can gain some air.

An 11-second video of Watt box jumping 59.5 inches as of Friday morning was trending as number one across the nation on YouTube’s Trends Map.

Watch Watt’s jump:

If you don’t think jumping 59.5 inches — nearly five feet — is that impressive for a 6-foot-five-inch guy, there are a couple things to consider:

  1. See how the boxes Watt will jump come up to his chest.
  2. Box jumping isn’t done with a running leap. As described by the American Council on Exercise, a box jump involves starting in a stationary position and then assuming a “downward phase” before exploding upward and landing on the box.
jj watt box jump

A sequence of Watt’s perfect form for the tough box jump. (Images: YouTube screenshots)

Doing box jumps is not as easy as it might look. The world record for a standing box jump is held by Kevin Bania for 64.4375 inches.

“Watch out,” Watt says after finishing the jump. NFL pre-season games are already only a couple weeks away, with the first game being held August 4.

The video was taken by Evan Conley who tweeted that it took place in a pre-ESPY workout.

Pre-ESPYs workout for @... 290 pounds jumping 59 1/2 inches. #Crazy
NFL Houston Texan JJ Watt Box Jumps 59 and a Half Inches in Viral Video
Evan Conley

Based on Watt’s later tweet, it appears that he and Conley had been friends back in high school.

Happy Birthday @. True friend. We're not in Pewaukee anymore...
NFL Houston Texan JJ Watt Box Jumps 59 and a Half Inches in Viral Video
JJ Watt

ESPY Awards are an annual event hosted by ESPN honoring individuals and teams for their athletic performances.

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