Worth it? ‘Daredevil Photographer’ Lets His Shoes Catch Fire While Standing on Lava for Viral Pic

Photographers often go to extreme measures to get amazing shots — and Kawika Singson is no different. Except it’s not a photo he took that is getting viral attention now — it’s a photo of him and what he’s doing.

The photographer who lives in Hawaii posted a picture on Facebook of himself standing on lava as he calmly (or so he looked) peered through his own camera’s screen while his shoes and tripod caught fire.

kawika singson lava fire
(Photo: Kawika Singson/Facebook)

In a description of the photo, Singson wrote:

Always trying to be creative, I thought it would be pretty cool(hot!)to take a lava pic with my shoes and tripod on fire while photographing lava so that’s what I did that’s real lava real flames and it was really hot! I could stand the heat only for a few seconds.

Singson wanted to set the record straight for those thinking the image was Photoshopped. Speaking with Hawaii News Now, the man described as a ” daredevil photographer” said the fire was not spontaneous, but the photo is real.

“The flames on the tripod and my shoes did not start because of the lava,” Singson said, admitting he used a flammable material to help them catch fire.

All this for the sole reason of it being “just something I wanted for my Facebook cover photo.”

His cover photo on the social networking site now has more than 2,500 likes and more than 3,800 shares.

Watch WAFB’s report about the photo:

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