‘Wow! We Really Do Have a Black President’: MSNBC Host Calls Obama’s Zimmerman Remarks ‘Incredible Historical Moment’

MSNBC co-host Toure praised President Obama’s first public remarks on the George Zimmerman verdict Friday, saying they reaffirm that “we really do have a black president.”

The president surprised many by saying Trayvon Martin “could’ve been me 35 years ago,” despite the criticism he received for saying “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon” back in March.  Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in what a jury recently ruled was self-defense.

Toure remarked: “I’ve been thinking lately, do we actually have a black president, or a president who happens to be black?  …This moment was like, ‘Wow! We really do have a black president who will come out and lay it on the line’… A nuanced discussion of what it means to be black, not holding back from this notion that blacks don’t feel a full part of society.  A really incredible historical moment.”

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell added in conclusion: “We’ve all just experienced something — I need to absorb it, so do you.  We’ll watch it, we’ll re-read it, we’ll look at it.  Thanks for being with us.”

Here’s video of the exchange, courtesy of MSNBC:

(H/T: Townhall)