Hundreds of Pastors Pray and Lay Hands on Rand Paul & Ted Cruz (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of pastors prayed over and laid hands on Sens. Rand Paul and Ted Cruz in a meeting of evangelical ministers in Iowa this weekend, CBN News reported.

In a likely preview of what’s to come from two of the most buzzed-about potential Republican 2016 candidates, Paul (Ky.) and Cruz (Texas) traveled to the state for an Iowa GOP fundraiser with Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Preibus and spoke at the large gathering of pastors Friday.

Cruz Paul pastors1
Hundreds of pastors prayed over Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in Des Moines, Iowa. (Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network)

According to The Washington Post, the meeting was organized by Christian political activist David Lane, who helped rally pastors around Texas Gov. Rick Perry and helped see to the 2010 defeat of three Iowa Supreme Court justices over their support for same-sex marriage.

In remarks to the pastors Friday, Cruz said, “We are in a battle to turn this country around” on spiritual matters, according to CBN.

Speaking about marriage, he said, “There’s no issue where we need to be more on our knees…we are facing an assault on marriage.”

Paul, in discussing his foreign policy views, invoked Jesus’ name when he said “Blessed are the peacemakers.” The pastors prayed over both Paul and his wife Kelly.

Cruz Paul pastors
Hundreds of pastors prayed over Sen. Ted Cruz in Des Moines, Iowa. (Credit: Christian Broadcasting Network)

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