8-Year-Old Helps Bust Drink Thief at Grandma’s Store

Eight-year-old Omari Freeman has an eye for justice. It’s one that has him wanting to be a police officer when he grows up, but he has already demonstrated putting this sense to use, according to WECT-TV.

Freeman was in his grandmother’s store recently when he watched a man put two alcoholic drinks into his pockets. Surveillance footage shows the man then shaking Freeman’s hand before walking past him.

omari freeman tells on thief
Freeman watches the man pocket two drinks. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
omari freeman tells on thief
Although Freeman accepts the man’s high fire, he still tells the cashier what’s going on. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

But Freeman wasn’t about to let the man walk out of Freeman’s Gas and Grill in Bolton, North Carolina, without paying. He can be seen calmly talking the the man, who then speaks to a cashier off screen.

“I didn’t want him to walk out the door without paying for it and taking stuff that he didn’t pay for,” Freeman said.

Watch the footage:

WECT reported that Freeman’s actions helped identify the man as Sheldon Patrick, who was wanted in Wilmington for pocketing drinks as well.

Freeman was honored Sunday at his church by Bolton Police Chief Edward Gillim.

“This is the good things about law enforcement,” Gillim told WECT.  “You know being able to reach out to the community and the community as well to you.”