Hilarious Commercial Will Make You Want to Watch ‘Boring’ City Council Meetings

It’s not exactly primetime television, but the commercial created by a Canadian cable station to advertise the local city council’s televised meetings would have you thinking it’s going to be dramatic reality TV.

The community cable station Northwestel TV in Whitehorse, the capitol of Yukon, Canada, with a population of more than 25,000, put together a now viral trailer to drum up interest in the meetings, calling them “the best three hours on Whitehorse television.”

whitehorse city council commercial
Commercial dramatizes city council meeting to promote televised broadcasts. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Whitehorse Community Cable 9 Station Manager, Chris McNutt, told CBC News that it’s his goal to “promote the things we do on community TV and try to bring a few more eyeballs to the channel.”

McNutt is achieving this with nearly 90,000 views on YouTube for the latest trailer promoting the city council meetings that take place every Monday night at 7:30.

The trailer pairs an epic score with dramatic pans of the council table, already set with ice water for the meeting, a mic test and an announcement of a museum being funded $15,000. Thrilling stuff.

whitehorse city council commercial
The community cable station that created the ad was surprised when it began to go viral. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
whitehorse city council commercial
Whitehorse city council commercial by Northwestel TV. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Whitehorse Mayor Dan Curtis shared his thoughts about the community message with CBC News.

“The most boring people on Earth, and they make it look like it’s CSI or Miami Vice or something, so they did a fantastic job,” Curtis said.

Watch the tongue-in-cheek trailer for the televised meetings:

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