Awkward: Only Days Later, Weiner’s Sext Scandal Already a Joke at Mayoral Forum

Anthony Weiner’s public shame over newly-released racy messages turned quickly to joking during a mayoral candidate forum in New York City Wednesday night when each contender was asked: “Facebook or Twitter?”
“Facebook or Twitter?”: Anthony Weiner was asked his social media preference during a New York City mayoral forum Wednesday.

The question came during a lightning round of questions meant to elicit quick answers. Seated next to him, Weiner Democratic rival Erick Salgado said he was trying to learn to use Twitter. When it was Weiner’s turn, the crowd erupted in laughter. Weiner shook his head with a wry smile, waiting for it to subside. Finally, he said, “All I can say is, Salgado, don’t ask me.”

He added, “Our campaign is on Twitter.”