Listen to Ted Nugent’s Fiery Response to Stevie Wonder’s Boycott of Florida Over Zimmerman Verdict

After Stevie Wonder announced he would not be performing in Florida until the state’s “stand your ground” law was repealed, some expected a groundswell of support to follow. It has not. But there has been a reaction to the proposal from someone who thinks Mr. Wonder’s idea is a very foolish one.

Nugent signs autographs
Image: AP

On Wednesday, rocker and conservative firebrand Ted Nugent called into a Boston-area radio station and detailed how he felt about the idea. Nugent’s rant was part of a 26-minute interview on WBXR AM 1460’s program “PM in the AM” hosted by Peter Czymbor. The lengthy interview covered Rolling Stone Magazine’s choice to put Boston Marathon Bomber Dzhokar Tsarnaev on its cover, Constitutional freedoms at risk in America, and Wonder’s Florida Boycott.

When that topic came up, Nugent became very passionate:

“So, 700 black people, mostly young children and young people were slaughtered in Chicago last year by black people, and not a peep out of Stevie Wonder.”

One Chicago radio station took exception to Nugent’s statement, clarifying that city’s murder numbers were closer to 500 than 700, and not all of these killings were  black on black crime.

Nugent went on to say:

“Are you kidding me? What is this, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest? How brain-dead do you have to be? How strangled by denial, how dishonest, how cheap do you have to be to focus on a clearcut case where all the evidence, from the DOJ, from the FBI, from the entire army of investigative specialists in Florida determined that George Zimmerman acted in self-defense against a life-threatening attack by a hoodlum, dope-smoking Trayvon Martin?”

The portion of the interview that focused on Wonder’s boycott can be heard here (where Nugent says he’ll “pray” for Wonder):

You can listen to the entire interview with Nugent below (the Stevie Wonder discussion begins about 8 minutes into the clip):


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