New Push: Birthers Declare President Ineligible — Claim Foreign Origins

A new group of birthers has emerged questioning the eligibility of the president, claiming he was born in Columbia and thus is not a natural-born citizen and is ineligible for the office.

But this bevy of birthers is not in the United States — instead, the new push is coming from citizens in Venezuela, and the “president” is not Barack Obama, but rather Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

The President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro holds a little girl during a ceremony to commemorate late president Hugo Chavez’s birthday anniversary, in Caracas, on July 28, 2013.Credit: AFP/Getty Images

“In the Venezuelan version of the birther movement, its proponents say Maduro was born in neighboring Colombia and is either a Colombian citizen or a dual citizen, either of which would make him ineligible to be president,” CNN reports.

Maduro has yet to produce a birth certificate, but none has turned up in Columbia either.

“This is an international problem,” Pablo Medina, a member of the opposition Patriotic Assembly, told CNN. Those of the same mind have taken the issue  to Venezuela’s Supreme Court, Colombian authorities, and the European Union (EU). He said he’s not aware of the similar movement afoot in the U.S. regarding Barrack Obama.

Medina sent a letter to the EU  saying it “should know that any contracts or any agreements that they sign with Nicolas Maduro, a Colombian citizen, are invalid, illegal, null and void.”

Maduro supporters have shot back.

“I sincerely regret these rotten, ill-intentioned campaigns, which make us think about what would have happened if this country was in the hands of people who only act to destroy the dignity and reputation of others,” Casto Gil Rivera, a pro-Maduro columnist, wrote in the pro-government newspaper Correo del Orinoco, according to CNN.

Maduro’s biography says he was born in Caracas in 1962. He is the hand-picked successor of former dictator Hugo Chavez.