Veteran Threatens to Leave Apt. Complex Over Management’s Stance on American Flag

An Iraq war veteran is threatening to leave her apartment complex in the Sacramento, Calif., area if the management does not change its stance on how she is allowed to fly her American flag.

Jen Elliot was recently asked by her management company via a notice posted on her door to remove Old Glory from her balcony. The rules, they said, prevented her from having it. So she looked them up. She quickly found that America flags are allowed if they follow proper etiquette.

Jen Elliot’s flag that she’s been told to take down. (Source: KOVR-TV)

“It does say you cannot have flags, plants or wind chimes. However, it does say that the American flag can be displayed within the laws of the state and proper flag etiquette,” she told KOVR-TV. “And mine is.”

When the station confronted the management company, it said Elliot can keep displaying her flag — as long as it’s not screwed into the side of her balcony.

Jen Elliot, who is angry after her apartment complex told her to take down her American flag. (Source: KOVR-TV)

“I’ll take my plants and wind chimes down, if that’s what you want,” Elliot said. “But I’m not taking that flag down.”

The management company has scheduled a meeting with Elliot for Monday to try and resolve the issue:

If no agreement can be reached, she says she’ll leave.

“I was very upset and very offended by it,” Elliot, who suffers from PTSD, said. “We live in America. Why shouldn’t we fly our flag proudly?”