Wendy’s Employee Makes ‘AWESOME’ Gesture to Brave Teens Who Defended Her From Bully

Bullying is wrong, period.

However, standing up to bullies is admirable — and sometimes it turns out to be delicious.

Two New Jersey teens earned themselves some good karma — plus, free chicken nuggets and vanilla shakes — when they defended a Wendy’s employee from a bully who was giving her an earful.

“Stood up for an innocent employee at Wendy’s who was being bullied by a customer. She gave us free frosties and chicken nuggets,” Kailee Whiting, 19, wrote on Reddit. The teenager also posted a photo of the free nuggets and shakes provided by the fast food worker.

“You guys are AWESOME. (Hope you like vanilla.),” read a note placed on the food tray.


Whiting’s friend, Katie Light, 18, told Yahoo! Shine that she was happy they decided to stand up to the bully — and not just for the free treats.

Yahoo! Shine explains what led to the bully’s outburst:

The two Rowan University students were standing in line waiting for their food at a Wendy’s restaurant in Franklin, New Jersey, when a woman in front of them started yelling at the cashier. There had been a power outage 20 minutes earlier, causing a backup in the kitchen, so things had become a bit hectic behind the counter. According to Light, the customer yelled, “If you weren’t ready to take my order, you shouldn’t have called me up!”

“We were very shocked that an older woman would even be so immature,” Light added.