Jimmy Kimmel Gets Some Funny Results After Asking Wives: If Your Husband Pulled an Anthony Weiner, Would You Stand by Him?

Has Anthony Weiner and Houma Abedin’s dilemma become America’s dilemma?

ABC’s late-night television host, Jimmy Kimmel sent his cameras to the streets outside his studio on Hollywood Boulevard for the latest edition of his “Pedestrian Question” segment. The producers were looking for married couples, and they asked the burning question that’s also facing Mr. and Mrs. Weiner: “If your husband sent pictures of his penis to women, would you stand by his side?”

pedestrian question
Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kimmel played the set-up for each couple and then stopped the video to survey the studio audience about how they thought each woman answered.

Of course, you would like to play along too. So, we’ll line them up for you. Take a look at each of these married couples and see if you can guess which of the wives would stand by their man, and which would cut their spouse loose (or worse).

First couple

Second couple

Third couple

Fourth couple

Fifth couple

Sixth couple

Some of the wives pictured above would stay and forgive. Others were not so understanding.

Watch the segment, and let us know where you stand on the topic.

If your spouse acted like Anthony Weiner, would you “stand by your man”?