Hilarious Revenge Video Shows Why You Shouldn’t ‘Park Like a Jerk’

Perhaps you’ve been among the many who grumble upon seeing a sleek, shiny car take up two parking spots, or park just close enough to the line that you wouldn’t risk pulling your car in next to it.

Well, the co-workers of such a man decided to teach him a lesson, parking a truck within inches of the driver’s side door on his tiny black sports car.

They then took video of him walking out to his car and facing the consequences of a bad parking job.

“Sick of this guy taking up two spots every day, so we showed him you actually can still fit another car beside his,” the description stated.

The video dubbed “Don’t Park Like a Jerk,” shows the man actually trying to enter from the narrow gap on the driver’s side before he finally resigns himself to crawling over the passenger’s seat. Keep in mind though, this is a small car, so for the man to maneuver inside of it to the driver’s side isn’t the easiest task. He paused for a minute or so to collect his thoughts and work up to it.

don't park like a jerk
Walking out to his car to assess the situation. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
don't park like a jerk
Attempting to get through on the driver’s side. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
don't park like a jerk
Pondering how to get out of this predicament. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Eventually, he works his way over to the driver’s seat and makes it out of the tight spot with impressive ease.

don't park like a jerk
Once in the driver’s seat, pulling out was easier than it looked. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

“I bet you he will never park like that again,” one of the spectators of the scene said.

Watch the footage in WPIX’s report:

Here’s the full video:

Did the guy learn his lesson? Apparently so.

better parking job
How the guy parked the next day. (Photo: Imgur)

“It looks like the guy learned how to park this morning… in one spot and out in the back of the parking lot! Lesson Learned,” crisp330 wrote.

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(H/T Reddit)