UK Lunch Lady Fired for Accidently Serving Pork to 7-Year-Old Muslim Student

An Islamic cleric holds up a poster showing pork that is forbidden for Muslims. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

A meal server at a British elementary school has been sacked (as the English are wont to say) after she accidentally served pork to a Muslim student, officials say.

Alison Waldock, 51, served the meat forbidden to Muslims after Khadija Darr, 7, pointed to a ham meal; Waldock obliged, according to UPI.

Fortunately the schoolmaster at Queen Edith Primary School and Nursery noticed the error and intervened before Darr ingested said meat.

Waldock, who had worked for the lunch caterer for 11 years, was suspended and later fired for “negligence, carelessness or idleness,” UPI added.

But Waldock, who said “I was really upset when I found out what I’d done,” has fired back at the school, saying officials are throwing her under the bus “so they can’t be seen as politically incorrect.”

And guess who’s coming to Waldock’s defense, calling the firing an “overreaction”?

The chair of Muslims4UK, that’s who.

“The most sensible way to rectify such mistakes is to improve awareness of the pupils’ dietary requirements while apologizing to the pupils and their parents,”said Inayat Buglawala.

UPI deemed Buglawala’s group “moderate.” TheBlaze quoted him in a 2011 article over his hate-speech complaint about a UK paper’s op-ed piece calling Muslim’s “savages.”


(H/T: Weasel Zippers)