Jaw-Dropping Pictures Showing a Chinese Woman Allegedly Grabbing and Saving Her Husband as He Jumps Out a Six-Story Window

A Chinese woman is said to have saved her husband from falling six stories after he jumped from their apartment window in Changchun City in the Jilin Province Wednesday. And she apparently did it by grabbing on to his leg as he made the plunge, leading to (alleged) pictures of him dangling on the side of the building.

wife safes husband
Woman saves husband who jumped from their apartment window after suffering headaches. (Image via Sina Weibo/TheBlaze edited)

The woman is said to have held him for almost 20 minutes before authorities arrived to help her pull him up, South China Morning Post reported from the Chinese news site Sohu.

wife safes husband
The husband being pulled back into the room. (Image via Sina Weibo/TheBlaze edited)

Once safely back inside the apartment, the Post reported the man telling authorities he had been under stress and experiencing “delusions.” He was suffering headaches when he tried to jump from the apartment window.

Users on the Chinese microblog Sina Weibo, which posted the photos of the dramatic scene, wrote, according the the Post, that “It is very important to find a wife with good arm strength.”

Another on the microblogging site reportedly said that regardless of why the man jumped, “What matters is his wife saved his life.”

“I hope that this couple can live happily for the rest of their lives,” the user continued.

(H/T: Shanghaiist)