One Year on Mars Compiled Into Two-Minute Time-Lapsed Video

NASA’s Mars rover “Curiosity” has been on the red planet for nearly a year. While there, it has conducted valuable scientific assessments of the Martian landscape, including finding that the fourth planet from the Sun once had knee-deep streams and could have supported life.

curiosity mars rover
This photo released by NASA shows a self-portrait taken by the NASA rover Curiosity in Gale Crater on Mars. Measurements of the Martian air by the rover found it s mostly made of carbon dioxide with traces of other gases, according to two studies appearing in the Friday, July 19, 2013 issue of the journal Science. (Photo: AP/NASA)

In honor of its year anniversary since landing on the planet a year ago this month (August 6, 2012), NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has compiled footage from the rover’s “eye view” as it drove, scooped and drilled in the past twelve months.

curiosity rover one year
As of August 6, Curiosity will have been on Mars for one year taking samples and making observations. (Images: YouTube screenshots)

Watch what a year on Mars looked like from Curiosity’s perspective in this slightly more than two-minute time-lapsed video:

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