iPhone Thief Mocked After Accidentally Posting Photo on Victim’s Facebook Page

A Washington woman who was helping out a local library with a promotional video lost track of her cellphone during the shoot — and it was stolen. But it wasn’t long until she found out who might have taken it.

The thief unwittingly posted a picture of himself (or someone he knows) on her Facebook page.

stolen iphone thief
Someone posted this picture onto Allen’s Facebook page that was synced through her stolen iPhone. (Image via KING-TV)

“I think he thought it was his Facebook page,” Jeannie Allen told KING-TV.

The photo he posted read, “ya know on the ferry.”

Thankfully, Allen, who told the local news station she lived on her phone, was able to erase sensitive data stored on it remotely. But Allen’s friends weren’t about to let the man completely get away with the theft– or the Facebook post — without a little retribution.

Sharing the photo posted to Facebook more than 130 times as of Sunday, some have captioned it as “cell phone thief” or made note that he “needs belt worse than phone,” KING reported.

stolen iphone
The image has begun spreading in the local community with some captioning the photo. (Image via KING-TV)

“My friends have a good sense of humor,” said Allen.

As of right now, Allen said she sees her losing track of her phone as a $300 mistake, but KING noted that some in the community have posted leads on Facebook about spotting the man and the Bremerton Police are investigating the incident.

Thefts of cellphones have become so prevalent law enforcement met in New York City in June to discuss a “kill switch” that could make phones inoperable.

Watch KING’s report about this recent theft: