Ever Seen Some of These Secret Doodles in Your Hotel Room? Here’s the Story Behind Them

Leave a comedian in a hotel room without HBO and what do you get? Funny little doodles in odd places.

British comedian David Bussell told TheBlaze in an email that this is exactly why he started leaving his own special mark in unexpected locations at hotels where he stayed starting in 2006.

Images of his sketches on his Tumblr page “If you’re reading this, it’s already too late” have recently begun going viral. He’s left his messages in Brussels, Ireland, Cuba, United States, Iceland, the U.K. and elsewhere.

Here’s a look at just a few, starting with his favorite — “The Cistern Chapel.”

david bussell hotel graffiti
Denver, Colorado 2011 (Image: Hotel Graffiti/Tumblr)
david bussell hotel graffiti
Bruges, Brussels 2013 (Image: Hotel Graffiti/Tumblr)
david bussell hotel graffiti
Boulder, Utah 2011 (Image: Hotel Graffiti/Tumblr)
david bussell hotel graffiti
Forrest City, Arkansas 2008 (Image: Hotel Graffiti/Tumblr)
David Bussell hotel graffiti
Guatemala 2010 (Image: Hotel Graffiti/Tumblr)

For the most part, he said responses to his doodles have been positive.

We asked him if a hotel has ever called him out for his drawings. He said no, which is, in part, because he makes sure it can easily wash off or is well hidden.

“The graffiti I leave in plain view is always easily disposed of or written in dry wipe pen so as to be easy to clean, and I’m willing to bet the messages I hide away hardly ever get found, at least not if the mess underneath beds and behind wardrobes is any clue to go by,” Bussell wrote. “I tend to think of what I do as a sort of anti-graffiti really, in that it’s written where people are highly unlikely to find it. There are folks who’d disagree and say it’s vandalism, but then those have tended to be the sort of people who post vile stuff on internet noticeboards for all to see, which to me is a truer form of vandalism.”

Be sure to check out more of what Bussell has left for housekeeping or other guests to find.

(H/T: Yahoo!)