A new infographic published by the National Shooting Sports Foundation is bound to baffle gun control advocates as it seemingly debunks the main anti-gun argument — that more guns equal more crime and therefore make Americans less safe.

Using data from the Department of Justice, ATF, Pew Research Center, National Safety Council and Gallup, NSSF claims that gun crime has plummeted even as gun sales continue to skyrocket.

The data indicates that homicides with firearms are down 39 percent since 1991 while other crimes with guns are down 69 percent. The numbers also show that unintentional firearms fatalities are down 58 percent since 1991 and down 81.3 percent since 1929.

Additionally, 43 percent of Americans say they have guns in their home.

Take a look at the group’s data in the neat infographic below:

Data in Infographic Reveals Gun Crime Down as Guns Sales Rise


(H/T: Monderno)

Featured image via Shutterstock.com

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