Batter Has One of the Most Shocking Reactions After Getting Hit by a Pitch

When a batter is hit by a pitch, it’s not odd to see a reaction. In fact, it’s not even that surprising when said batter lets some expletives fly or even charges the mound. But when the batter takes his bat and hurls it at the pitcher, that’s shocking. And that’s what happened this past weekend during a baseball game featuring college players.

Michael Peterson of the California Warriors was facing Sergio Sanchez of the Humboldt Crabs during a college summer league game (the teams are not affiliated with a specific college, though). Peterson ended up hitting Sanchez with a pitch. That’s when Sanchez lost it: He took his bat and chucked it at Peterson.

Sergio Sanchez of the Humboldt Crabs throws his bat at Michael Peterson of the California Warriors after getting hit b a pitch. (Source: YouTube video)

Not surprisingly, the benches cleared and tempers flared. Yahoo has more on why the reaction may have been so dramatic:

Peterson had thrown two pitches to the backstop while Sanchez was batting, then hit him in the head with the third pitch. The Crabs’ Twitter account says it was the 13th time Sanchez had been hit this season, which makes him sound like the Far West League’s version of Carlos Quentin. The two teams flooded onto the field, but the tossed bat seemed to the worst of it.

As Yahoo notes, the Crab’s Twitter account did release an explanation:

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You can watch it all unfold below in a video taken by someone in the crowd (content warning for language):

“Is this how the next generation of ballplayers is going to react to getting hit?” Mike Oz writes.


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