Justice for iPhone Thief After He’s Identified Using Facebook Photos

A Washington woman has her iPhone back and a man has been arrested for stealing it after pictures he snapped of himself ended up going viral on her Facebook page.

Earlier this week, TheBlaze reported that Jeannie Allen’s iPhone was stolen. But instead of losing track of it forever, the man who stole it accidentally posted images of himself on her Facebook page, which were then subjected to mockery by her friends.

james henry iphone
This is the photo James Henry posted to Allen’s Facebook page, leading to his identification and arrest. (Image via KING-TV)

According to KING-TV, these photos spread through local news and online, resulting in dozens of tips, which lead Bremerton police to a man named James Henry.

Henry did have possession of the phone and was arrested and charged with possession of stolen property, which could come with up to a $5,000 fine, KING-TV reported.

Although Facebook photos luckily helped identify the thief this time, in other cases, devices have been recovered through apps that can actually track the location of the phone in real time.