Viral Video Shows Truck Exploding Dozens of Times With Flaming Gas Canisters Flying Off

It’s certainly not the first time a video showing an explosion has gone viral, but there’s something about this one posted on YouTube mid-July that has an extra wow factor.

Perhaps it’s that this video with more than a million hits is not of just one explosion but a series of explosions that are jack-in-the-box surprising — you just don’t know when the next one will come up. Maybe there’s something almost comical about the slow way the trucks behind it start backing up before picking up the pace as more explosions occur.

truck explosion
The vehicles near the explosions realize it’s time to get out. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
truck explosion
When the footage starts, the truck holding canisters of flammable material is already on fire. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Or maybe it’s just that it explodes about three dozen times with growing intensity and flaming objects flying from it. It seems to taper off by 5:00, but just as emergency vehicles and people dare approach it again, well, you can probably guess what happens next.

truck explosion
Some times the explosions come in quick succession of each other but sometimes they’re spread out. (Image: YouTube screenshot)
truck explosion
It’s still too soon to get close to the destroyed truck. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Just watch the footage and see if you don’t get a bit startled not knowing when another boom will go up: