CEO of Major Tech Company Says NSA Surveillance Is ‘Great’ and ‘Essential’

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison told CBS News’ Charlie Rose that he has no problem with the NSA’s massive surveillance programs. In fact, he said, the surveillance is “great” and “essential.”

“Who’s ever heard of this information being misused by the government? In what way?” the CEO of one of America’s largest software companies asked.

When Rose asked him if he was fully endorsing the NSA’s spying efforts, Ellison doubled down.

“It’s great,” he said. “It’s essential. By the way, President Obama thinks it’s essential. It’s essential if we want to minimize the kind of strikes we just had in Boston. It’s absolutely essential.”

However, the tech giant said he would have a problem if government surveillance were used to “political targeting.”


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(H/T: HuffPost)