S.E. Cupp vs. Stephanie Cutter in Heated Debate Over Voter ID Laws

TheBlaze TV’s S.E. Cupp and former Obama campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter clashed on CNN Tuesday during an intense debate over voter ID laws and allegations of voter fraud. It was a preview of what viewers will see when the two go at it as co-hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire.”

Reacting to the sweeping voter ID bill signed into law by North Carolina Gov. Patrick McCrory on Monday, Cutter argued “there hasn’t been voter fraud” in the state. “It’s virtually a problem that doesn’t exist,” she added.

Cutter went on to suggest that election reforms that claim to target voter fraud actually represent an effort to suppress the minority vote.

Cupp came roaring into the conversation, saying just “one case” of voter fraud is too many.

“When we have troops overseas dying for our right to vote in free and fair Democratic election every day, not a funny issue, and dying for the rights of other people, then one case of voter fraud should be significant enough to address policy changes,” she said.

The debate then devolved into crosstalk between the two. Mediaite tracks the back-and-forth:

“When one side is trying to create a problem that doesn’t exist,” Cutter began before Cupp interrupted her.

“You keep saying on both sides, Stephanie, but you also keep saying ours is a problem that doesn’t exist,” Cupp insisted. “You can’t have it both ways.”

When Cutter said that North Carolina had identified only 100 cases of in-person voter fraud, Cupp said that this proves her point.

“You can’t say that this is a problem that doesn’t exist,” she asserted.

Watch the segment via CNN below: