Radio talk show host Howie Carr may be sharp when it comes to getting the lowdown on the trial of James “Whitey” Bulger, but he isn’t exactly a sharp dresser. At least not when he ambled upon the set at WFXT-TV in Boston and sat down with anchor Maria Stephanos to talk about the Bulger trial.

In fact, Carr opted for the pant-less look. Shorts won the day…and sandals. (Points to him, though, for showing up to the interview in a shirt and tie). And he may have confirmed the theory many hold about what exactly people on television wear behind the news desk (or below the camera’s view):

Radio Host Howie Carr Shows Up at TV Interview Dressed in Shorts and Sandals

Radio talk show host Howie Carr opted for the casual look during an on-camera interview. (Image: WFXT-TV)

Why, oh why?

Well, Carr hints at what might pass for a radical fashion statement by telling Stephanos that “the glass is half-full.” But she had the better comeback: “The glass is half full, but the outfit is half empty.”

Check out the full exchange (and full-frontal view of Carr apparently enjoying the summer weather):

(H/T: Hypervocal)

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