23-Year-Old Tourist Has Foot Severed After NYC Cab Plows onto Sidewalk, TV’s Dr. Oz Rushes to Help

A 23-year-old British tourist had her foot severed on a Manhattan sidewalk when a New York City cab driver jumped the curb and plowed into her Tuesday, before bystanders, including TV’s Dr. Oz, rushed over to help.

The New York Post reported the driver was apparently feuding with a bike messenger when he hit the gas and went up on the curb outside Rockefeller Center. Sian Green, 23, and a friend had just bought hot dogs from a street vendor when the cab hit her, the New York Daily News reported.

TV’s Dr. Oz was among those who helped a tourist after a taxicab plowed into her on a New York City sidewalk Tuesday. (Photo credit: New York Daily News)

Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz, whose syndicated talk show tapes nearby, was walking when “all of a sudden, we realized that [a cab] had just gone up on the curb, and we all ran together,” he told the Post.

Witnesses described a gruesome scene, where one of Green’s legs was severed below the knee. Food vendors collected ice to try and keep the severed limb viable.

A tourist had her foot severed after a New York City taxicab plowed onto the sidewalk Tuesday. (Photo credit: New York Daily News)

David Justino, a plumber working in the area, used his belt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

“Her left leg was severed off, the other was mangled,” Justino told the Daily News. He called Green “a strong girl, a brave girl” who “was conscious the whole time.”

“I wished she would have passed out,” Justino said.

Justino told the Post they used a dog leash from another passerby on the other leg.

“I held it until Dr. Oz came over…We waited for the paramedics to come. It seemed like forever,” he said.

The woman was taken to a nearby hospital. Law enforcement sources told the Post the cab driver will likely receive multiple summonses over the crash but not face criminal charges.

The bike messenger, who didn’t give his name, told the Post the cab drove into the bike lane. Witnesses reported the messenger may have banged on the car.

“He was in the bike lane, and he wanted to turn, but he didn’t want to wait…I told him to calm down…When I moved forward, that’s when he accelerated because I couldn’t escape him,” the bike messenger said.