TheBlaze TV’s “Get TheBlaze” campaign on August 20th — designed to encourage Blaze fans to contact their cable operators and encourage them to pick up TheBlaze TV — flooded phone lines, Facebook, Twitter, and even radio on Tuesday.

Internal metrics say the social reach of the campaign reached millions of people, and TheBlaze’s president of business development Lynne Costantini said that as a result, “several cable operators have called to express interest in adding TheBlaze.”

TheBlaze TVs Get TheBlaze Campaign Sweeps Phone Lines, Social MediaCoinciding with the day Al Jazeera America launched in 48 million American homes, Glenn Beck asked fans to call their operators and encourage “more voices, not less.”

“Do not ever tell them to drop Al Jazeera, just tell them, ‘We see what you’ve put on, that’s cool. We would like the American channel. We would like the channel where the truth resides, TheBlaze,’” Glenn Beck told his fans on television Tuesday.

Costantini commented: “It is clear that our audience is demanding TheBlaze based on the tens of thousands of calls, emails, tweets and Facebook posts.”

“It is interesting to note that with very few exceptions, TV providers have not posted Facebook responses to the customers’ inquiries,” she added.

According to Costantini, Time Warner Cable specifically received thousands of requests.

Time Warner representative Maureen Huff commented: “We’ve had discussions regarding carriage of [TheBlaze], but we don’t have an agreement.”

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