Horror: 16-Month-Old Girl Killed After Her Sibling, 4, Starts a Truck That Runs Over Her

A 16-month-old girl was run over and killed Sunday after her 4-year-old sibling climbed into a truck parked in a driveway and shifted it to neutral, CNN reports.

The family was loading a pickup to take to a relative’s house when the 4-year-old got the keys to the truck, climbed in, started it, and put it in neutral, said John Norton, spokesman for the sheriff’s office of Collin County, which is about 48 miles northeast of Dallas.

The vehicle rolled forward and ran over the 16-month-old girl who was killed instantly, CNN reports.

The childrens’ father was inside the house at the time, Norton said, and heard the truck start and ran to the door. He saw the vehicle rolling forward and ran to stop it, CNN said.

The truck stopped when it struck a neighbor’s fence, Norton said.