This Is a Photo of Antarctica’s First Sunrise in 3 Months

After three months of complete darkness, the sun has once again risen in Antarctica.

As proof, the European Space Agency (ESA) released an image Thursday showing “a view of the remote Antarctic base Concordia as the Sun returns after over 3 months of darkness.”

Antarctica Sunrise
Antarctica’s first sunrise in over three months. (Credit: European Space Agency)

According to the ESA, the base is 3200 meters above sea level and temperatures drop to -80 degrees Celsius in the winter.

“No supplies can be delivered during the Antarctic winter and nobody can leave the base, no matter what emergency,” says the ESA.

In May, the agency also released a photo of Antarctica’s last sunset.

Antarctica Sunset
An image released May 7, 2013 showed Antarctica’s last sunset for three months. (Credit: European Space Agency)

At the time, crewmember Antonio Litterio described his feelings on the Concordia blog.

“The night brings darkness, promising a blackness to put fear in us, but also supplying a great spectacle – the stars, the Milky Way and something even more amazing,” he wrote.

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