‘6 Second Science’: Ultimate Compilation of Vine Videos Showing Amazing Experiments

How much science can you show in just six seconds? That’s what GE asked people a couple weeks ago in its first “6 Second Science Fair.”

Using Twitter’s video app Vine, participants uploaded just six seconds of science experiments or observations, which GE then compiled into slightly more than four minutes of footage out of its more than 600 submissions.

There’s everything from the traditional baking soda and vinegar volcano to frog (clay) dissection to rubberizing an egg shell, to name a few.

GE six second science
Milk, food coloring and a little bit of dish soap. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)
GE six second science
Potatoes as “batteries” to power a light. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)
GE six second science
Freezing flowing water — instantly. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Take look at what dozens of six-second science videos can teach you:

(H/T: Popular Science)



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