The Haunting Story Surrounding a Dead Bank Robber Who Recently Shot Himself Might Give You the Creeps

Some fervently believe in ghosts, while others decry discussions about the supernatural. But a story coming out of Memphis, Tenn., is pretty creepy, regardless of where you stand. At least two witnesses claim that they recently saw bank robber Marvin Amerson lurking around town. The problem? Amerson, 51, committed suicide on July 23, following a stand-off with police.

A translucent, shadowy figure has been reported at the very location where he shot himself. Investigator Mike Einspanjer of Memphis Paranormal Investigations told WREG-TV that one man and one woman called him to report that Amerson has purportedly been walking around at night.

Mavin Amerson and his wife, Carolyn (Photo Credit: WATN-TV)

While at least two people claim to have seen the criminal’s ghost, some who live closest to the scene of his death were surprised by the news. One local, Lori McCaghren, reports observing nothing out of the ordinary.

“I haven’t been looking but I will probably see it now that it is in my head,” she told WREG-TV.

And she’s not alone.

“I haven’t seen him and I sit out here quite a bit too. I haven’t seen him or heard him,” added neighbor Steven Loughridge.

Watch the WREG-TV report, below:

Einspanjer said that suicide is an act that has a tendency to create a haunting. In this case, he said Amerson’s decision was not planned and it was emotionally driven. To make matters worse, he left behind a son and a wife, which could mean that his spirit is staying behind to cope with what’s happened.

While the investigator isn’t sure yet if the ghost is real, the identities of those who reported seeing him are being kept under wraps.

An article in The Commercial Appeal provides extensive details about Amerson’s criminal past. For decades, he has encountered legal problems and spent years in prison.

During his final robbery this summer, he successfully escaped with money from a Wells Fargo bank. But police subsequently tracked his 2005 Kia Sedona. When authorities spotted his car after the robbery, a chase ensued.

After being cornered by police, Amerson shot himself. His wife, Carolyn, was dumbfounded over the fact that her husband had slipped back into crime after being released from prison earlier this year (read more about her story here).