Stranger Who Happens to Have 18 Fire Extinguishers Helps Save Woman Trapped in Burning Car

Call it coincidence or divine providence, but when 28-year-old Shana Porter found herself trapped in a burning car after crashing into a tree on Monday, an unsuspecting individual came to her rescue.

It just so happened that Eddie Hall, a fire technician, was driving down the very road where Porter’s accident unfolded in North Charleston, S.C. He stopped his vehicle after two women flagged him down and asked if he had a fire extinguisher that could be used to put out the raging flames, WCIV-TV reported.

Hall’s response likely stunned the women. Given his line of work, he had a number of unused extinguishers with him — 18 to be exact. A technician with a fire protection company, he deals with fire extinguishers on a daily basis, which essentially made Hall the best possible person to be passing by at the time.

After realizing what was unfolding, he quickly sprung into action to help Porter.

“A lot of it was people kind of running around and kind of yelling and pointing,” Hall said of the scene. “But, you could see the fire raging about four to five feet off of the top of the hood of the car, or what used to be the hood of the car.”

Rescue workers rushed to save Shana Porter from a burning car on Monday (Image source: WEAR-TV)

He joined other brave individuals at the scene in freeing the woman. Police officers arrived before firefighters as well and they also jumped in to help without protective gear.

Hall didn’t think twice about putting himself at risk, telling WCIV-TV he hopes anyone else faced with a similar situation would have done the same thing.

“I’d like to think if it were my wife, or my daughter trapped in that vehicle, my fellow citizens would have jumped in and helped as well,” said Hall of the dramatic rescue.

Porter was ultimately freed and taken to the hospital, where she was listed in critical condition earlier this week. According to a report by WEAR-TV, despite her serious condition, she did not sustain any burns.