Kerry Says Assad Regime Used Sarin Gas

Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday that Syria used Sarin gas in the chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburbs earlier this month.

John Kerry
Secretary of State John Kerry. (Credit: Getty Images)

Earlier Kerry had said a “nerve agent” had been used, but did not specify which one. His comments, which he called a “very important recent development,” came this morning on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” according to Politico.

Kerry, who appeared on all five Sunday shows, added that the case against Syria continues to grow.

“This case is building and this case will build,” Kerry said.

The Secretary of State, however, declined to comment on what President Obama will do if Congress does not authorize a military strike on the Assad regime.

“I do not believe the Congress of the United States will turn its back on this moment,” he said.

“I said that the president has the authority to act,” he continued. “But the Congress is going to do what’s right here.”

(H/T: Politico)

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