Machine Gun-Toting, ‘Libtard’-Hating Police Chief Famous For Profane-Filled Viral Videos Suspended Indefinitely

EDITOR’S NOTE: The videos below contain vulgar language and extremely explicit content that may offend you.

The Pennsylvania police chief who became famous for producing a series of profanity-laden YouTube videos where he declared his disdain for John Kerry and the United Nations was suspended indefinitely without pay on Friday.

The Gilbertson City Council voted on Friday to extend Police Chief Mark Kessler’s 30-day suspension indefinitely while they review his contract with the city.

Kessler attracted national attention after several videos of him surfaced insulting Secretary of State John Kerry, attacking the United Nations, and saying “f**k all you libtards out there.”

WARNING: The videos below contain vulgar language and mature content:

In July, Gilberton Mayor Mary Lou Hannon appeared to stand by the Kessler.

In a phone call with TheBlaze, Hannon said she still considers this to be a “free speech” issue. In a ringing endorsement, Hannon said, “If you were in trouble, he’s the kind of guy you would want by your side, protecting you. He’s a no-nonsense police officer.”

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