Man Gets Rare Chance to Exact Calculated Revenge on Thief – and He Makes the Absolute Most Out of It

A Toronto thief learned a valuable lesson when the man whose bike he’d stolen turned the tables. Not only did the man recover his stolen bike, he also publicly shamed the crook in a hilarious way.

The bike was reportedly stolen on Aug. 21 while stored outside the victim’s apartment. The man’s friend then spotted it locked up on a city street three days later.

“That second friend, a bike mechanic named Gord, put a spare lock on the bike and removed the seat to deter the thief from picking it up. The next day, the owner and two friends removed the spare lock and cut away the thief’s, leaving a cardboard cutout in its place,” Yahoo! News reports.


The very sarcastic note attached to the cardboard cutout read:

Dear Bike Thief, You rascal! You took my bike earlier this week but forgot to tell me where you’d leave it! It took a stroke of great luck that my friend, who’s also my bike mechanic, happened to spot it right here! Isn’t that crazy?

Anyway, I kinda need my bike so I’m taking it back. Please accept this substitute until you can afford your own.


P.S. The bike right here has the exact same, brand new U-lock you put on my bike. Did you steal that one too?

The story, which originated on a Reddit message board, has since gone viral, appearing on news sites worldwide.

However, Yahoo! News also notes that many readers have questioned why the victim didn’t go to the police when he found his stolen bike.

“The bike is … without a shadow of a doubt property of my [friend’s],” the friend wrote on Reddit. “I did him a [favor] and I already own these tools because I run a bike shop. The police in Toronto are usually busy and to be honest don’t have the time or resources to deal with this stuff.”

(Source: Facebook, Screengrab via Gawker)