Watch the Surprising Cockpit Reactions of Two Pilots When the Light Plane They Are Flying Loses Power

Two men flying a light plane that lost power mid-air a couple weeks ago were surprisingly calm, based on video footage of the incident that merited an emergency landing in Queensland, Australia.

The footage aired courtesy of the Australian Broadcasting Company is silent, which lends an eerie sense to the tense situation.

plane loses power
This is the moment the propeller stops spinning after the plane loses power. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

A few seconds into the video, the propeller on the plane’s nose seems to sputter and then comes to a full stop. At this point, the pilots, identified by ABC as 18-year-old Josh Matica and 22-year-old instructor Doug Field, try to restore power. When it remains failed, Field begins to calmly maneuver the the plane in what is being called a “textbook execution of the forced landing procedure,” according to a statement from Pathfinder Aviation.

“We’re at 1,100 feet, we’ve got about a bit under two minutes before we’re going to hit the ground at this point in time,” Field told ABC, remembering the moment.

plane loses power
Josh Matica, 18, sits on the left and learns about what to do in such a situation first hand as Doug Field, 22, takes control as the instructor. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Field can be seen in the video looking for a good place to land, knowing they would not make it back to the designated air field. Through the windshield, the trees and an approaching ground come into closer range as Field finds a wide field in which to land as safely as possible.

The duo have a bumpy hit but seem no worse for wear afterward.

plane loses power
Getting ready to touch down on a relatively clear field. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)
plane loses power
Right after a rough landing. (Image via YouTube video screenshot)

Watch their amazingly calm reaction throughout the whole ordeal (to be fair though, we can’t hear exactly what they were saying):

“Those are the sort of guys you want sitting next to you in the seat when something does go wrong because you know how they’re going to react – they’re going to be calm, methodical and do the job at hand at the time,” airline Captain Michael Greig told ABC.

(H/T: LiveLeak)