Which News Outlets Do Members of Congress Follow Most on Twitter?

A new survey conducted by New York Magazine reveals that The Hill is the number one news outlet followed on Twitter by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress.

According to New York Magazine, 62.9% of all members of Congress follow the D.C. based political news outlet. The Hill just slightly edged out Politico, which is followed by 61.2% of Congress, and C-SPAN, which is followed by 61% of Congress.

The study broke down their results even further, revealing Republican members are more likely to follow Drudge Report, 50.4%, and Fox News, 62.8%, versus CNN, 40.5%, and the New York Times, 44.2%.

Democratic members of Congress appear to follow a handful of left-leaning accounts.

The results revealed 28.1% of Democrats in Congress follow hyper-partisan Ed Schultz and 29.8% follow Think Progress for their news. Democrats are also much more likely to follow the New York Times, 51.2%, than their colleagues across the aisle.

Twitter Accounts Most Followed by Congress

According to New York Magazine, the number one favorite journalist among both Republicans and Democrats is Politico’s Mike Allen, who pens the “Playbook” column.

NBC’s Chuck Todd placed number two among the entire Congress with Fox News’ Chad Pergram coming in third.

Front page image courtesy of New York Magazine.

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