88 Lbs. in 5 Seconds? Woman’s Dramatic Weight Loss Time-Lapse Will Inspire You

Hardly anyone doesn’t know someone who has tried to lose weight. In fact, it’s likely you yourself have tried at one point to shed a few pounds. If so, let 26-year-old Amanda inspire you.

Amanda, who has withheld her last name to the media, was 222 lbs. two years ago. That’s when she went on a combination Keto/Paleo diet — and lost 88 lbs. doing it. She actually lost the weight last year and posted pictures about it, but a recent animated time lapse (gif) lasting about five seconds ans showing her transformation has now sent the story viral.

The sequence of pictures posted by Amanda on the site Reddit in the summer of 2012. (Source: Imgur)

So how’d she do it? Well, she didn’t really exercise. In her post last summer announcing the loss, she credits the diet.

“Well folks, it’s been exactly one year since I took a good, hard look at myself and decided to reclaim my health,” she said. “My combination Keto/Paleo diet has honestly been 99% of the reason for my success (as I’ve done virtually zero intentional exercise in the last year), and I cannot thank this subreddit enough for its wisdom and support (in addition to r/loseit and r/progresspics!).”

A recent report by ABC said the diet was “high-protein,” but Amanda says that’s not true. It’s actually high fat.

“The reporter was so shocked when I told her I ate no carbs, lots of fat, and barely exercised that I had to repeat myself at least 3 times,” she said on Reddit. “I’m hoping it will encourage others to at least look into my pictures/reddit account, then maybe that will bring them into the Keto fold!”

That ABC report details more of Amanda’s transformation, and includes video of what she looks like now:

“I had to re-shoot the walking b-roll four times because I either a) walked too fast, b) looked too ‘serious’, or c) looked in the wrong place,” Amanda writes about the video with a sense of humor. “If you want to make walking look really unnatural, ask your subject to think about every aspect of walking all at once.”

As for her weight loss a year later, Amanda says she fluctuates between gaining and losing about 12 lbs.

And now she starting to see the benefits of adding exercise to her regiment.

“If I made a more concerted effort to exercise on the reg (i.e., put my body in different stressful situations periodically so it doesn’t get comfortable burning fat for energy at the same rate), the fluctuation would probably be less of an issue,” she says. “There does come a point where you can’t continue to lose fat by diet alone!”